Do you own real estate in the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn? Contact Home Mega now for a fast sale. We purchase family homes in a variety of conditions. Frequently, we accept properties requiring some additional handyman work and then complete the repairs ourselves.

Our company purchases houses in two ways:

  1.  via conventional financed purchase transactions
  2. directly for cash. As a licensed real estate broker and a high volume property buyer, we enter into many real estate transactions every year!
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Selling Your Home Quickly

Sell your house Quickly

Today, people selling real estate in NY often prefer an all cash sale. Even though buyers often accept somewhat lower selling prices when they market properties this way, an all cash transaction offers several advantages. Just consider some of these benefits:

  • A cash buyer will often accept a house in poor cosmetic condition, or even one requiring expensive repairs; the house usually does not need to meet rigid lender requirements in order for the transaction to close when a buyer pays in cash without any financing.
  • Cash sales tend to close much faster than other types of real estate sales.
  • A cash sale may enable a seller to avoid a looming foreclosure because these types of sales usually close quickly.

Obtain a Free Property Marketing Analysis

Would you like to obtain an estimate of the value of your house in Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens? Our company offers a free real estate marketing analysis so you can obtain an idea of the prices commanded by similar properties.

Simply visit our website and provide some basic information.

As a real estate broker, our company can list your NY home for sale.  Ask us to help you sell your property. We’ll try and locate a buyer who will meet your asking price. In some cases, we can also assist sellers who wish to sell their real estate for all cash. Call us at (718) 808-2030 to discuss how we can serve you as a real estate broker.

Explore Selling Your House And Leasing It Back

Sell Your Home for cash

Do you need to sell your real estate very quickly because of the risk of a pending foreclosure? In some situations, buyers purchase houses from sellers facing imminent foreclosure. New Home Mega Real Estate Management Corp sometimes agrees to buy a residence and then lease it back to the former owner as a rental, for instance.

New Home Mega Real Estate Management Corp cannot assist every home seller in this way, of course. However, depending on a number of factors (including the foreclosure date and the condition of the property), it may prove useful to explore this option.

We strive to assist real estate sellers and real estate, buyers.

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If you believe our company might offer a good solution and you wish to list your residence for sale with a licensed real estate broker (or sell it quickly for cash), simply call (718) 808-2030 right away. We’d like to speak with you! We serve the entire Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn area.